Get Your Work Commissioned & Make Money as an Illustrator

June 7, 2024 3:00 PM

Want to get your work in print? From editorial placement to anthologies to published portfolios, it can be a huge boost to your career to get featured in (or on!) a book or magazine. Join Skillshare live for a fun and informative discussion on how to get your work noticed (and printed) from three unique perspectives: Editorial Director Cara Bedick, Illustration Agent, Creative Coach, and Skillshare Teacher James Hughes, and Conceptual Illustrator, Author, and Skillshare Teacher Daniel Lievano.

This Session Will Cover:

  • Getting your work in front of editors.
  • What to consider when self-evaluating your portfolio via a live, visual portfolio-review from panelists.
  • How to negotiate fees and establish your value as an artist.
  • How to leverage each opportunity to get more gigs.

This session is for any artist who is building their illustration career and looking for insight on how to best present their work for potential clients.

Cara  Bedick
Cara Bedick, Editorial Director (Former Harper-Collins, Chronicle)
James Hughes
James Hughes, Illustration Agent, Creative Coach, & Skillshare Teacher
Daniel Liévano
Daniel Liévano, Conceptual Illustrator, Author, & Skillshare Teacher
Dani Zacarias
Dani Zacarias, VP, Community at Skillshare

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