Land Your First Freelance Gig & Grow Your Portfolio

June 3, 2024 3:00 PM

Join Creator and Marketing Consultant Bimma Williams in this live conversation on strategies for how to go freelance and establish yourself as a creative in the industry. Bimma will be joined by Laci Jordan, Multidisciplinary Artist, Creative Director, and Skillshare Teacher; and Khadija el Sharawy, Graphic Designer and Skillshare Teacher.

This Session Will Cover:

  • How to showcase your work, network, and get clients.
  • How to determine you’re ready to go out on your own and how to navigate the industry.
  • Top tips for setting up your own business.
  • A visual exercise on establishing your niche and building your portfolio, with samples outlining the strategy behind panelists' portfolio development.

This session is for anyone looking to go freelance, define their style, build up their portfolio and advance their career.

Laci Jordan
Laci Jordan, Multidisciplinary Artist, Creative Director & Skillshare Teacher
Khadija  El Sharawy
Khadija El Sharawy, Graphic Designer & Skillshare Teacher
Bimma Williams
Bimma Williams, Creator & Marketing Consultant

From freelance tips to full-time advice.