Succeed as a Content Creator: From Your First $1k to Six Figures in Revenue

June 5, 2024 1:00 PM

Join us live for an engaging conversation on how to turn your creative passion into profit.

In this Live Session, you’ll learn practical strategies and actionable tips to monetize your work as a creative. Hearing from a top talent agency and successful creators, you’ll gather insights for earning your first $1000 and how to scale your creative business into a full-time, six-figure business. In this interactive panel you’ll hear from Danny Lowney, Founder of; Click for Taz, Content Creator & YouTuber; and Avi Gandhi, Founder of Creator Logic & Creator Economy Advisor.

This Session Will Cover:

  • How to start building momentum across your channels.
  • How to identify and understand who your audience is, and what value you’re providing them.  
  • The biggest mistakes creators make early on.
  • How to diversify and balance multiple revenue streams.
  • How to draw attention from talent agencies and brands.

This session is for anyone looking to establish or scale up their business as a content creator.

Danny Lowney
Danny Lowney, Founder of
Click  for Taz
Click for Taz, Content Creator & YouTuber
Avi  Gandhi
Avi Gandhi, Founder of Creator Logic & Creator Economy Advisor
Dani Zacarias
Dani Zacarias, VP, Community at Skillshare

From freelance tips to full-time advice.